Martin W. Maier

With his insatiable intuition coupled with creativity and imagination, Martin W. Maier seeks out unusual scenes and showplaces. As a consequence, he is always in the search and transformation mode of social and cultural issues.

Whoever presumes that his artificial approach does not mix well with commercial and marketing-heavy aspects will be set right by Martin’s talent for translating advertising messages and communicating through visual dialogue.

His intensive studies of how our society receives and reflects upon images make him one of those young photographers who, in this rapidly developing market, not only press the shutter, but also grapple with the before and after.

Martin held lectures at the renowned Folkwang University, recently refurbished his new apartment by himself, invested in antique furniture, bought a new canon 5D III and last but not least got his award-winning ADC series “Childrens’ Playgrounds” augmented with ”Just Ropes”, which was promptly honored with a px3.

Alongside a strong visual language, right from the start, Martin also developed an extraordinary reputation as an ambitious filmmaker.