Perry Curties

Perry Curties spent most of his youth working towards a career as a pop star and it was with this goal in mind that he decided to (temporarily) become an abstract painter to support his musical ambitions. While at art college he was required to attend a routine photography demonstration and found himself strangely drawn to the photographic cliché appearing through the chemicals in a developing tray.

After graduating from art college in 1996 Perry spent 5 years assisting a number of high profile photographers in London and New York and has since become a highly regarded fashion photographer working with a wide mix of commercial and editorial clients who appreciate his ability to visualise narrative themes and combine them with exceptional lighting and subtle post production.

Perry’s desire to experiment eventually led to the realization that window-space for new ideas in contemporary editorial photography was very limited, so in 2003 he launched 125 Magazine which is now a highly successful ‘gallery space in-print’ offering photographers an open and unbiased platform for new and inspiring work. Now available in over 20 countries around the world 125 has grown from something of a cult title into an essential source of inspiration for the wider public, publishing the work of hundreds of established and emerging photographers. 125 is now credited as a one of the key titles behind the current independent publishing boom.

The imagery that Perry has produced for 125 forms his core editorial output and is the catalyst for much of his commissioned work, allowing clients to pick out new ideas and apply them to their own briefs. Perry prides himself on this ability to combine the essential elements of art and commerce to a diverse range of agencies, clients and celebrities (see client list).

On top of his busy workload as a photographer and publisher Perry also lectures at universities around the UK, inspiring the next generation of photographers to produce exciting new work and instilling them with the drive to succeed.