New Photographer Nadine Elfenbein


A&O‘s latest newcomer NADINE ELFENBEIN stands for Young Lifestyle, Fashion & Music Culture. After graduating from the renowned Lette Verein, NADINE worked in Barcelona for a number of years. Today, she moves effortlessly through the various cultural hotspots with both remarkable passion and lightness. Her photography reveals the intimate moments hidden behind the glamorous facades.

Therefore, her portrait of the phenomenon who carries his insides on the outside of his body for AVANT/GARDE DIARIES was long overdue. Ever since Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie graced Lady Gaga’s music video for “Born This Way”, he has been an idol of international runway and advertising campaigns. During the photoshoot, an intense video portrait directed by NADINE ELFENBEIN came into being, revealing why Rick Genest wears a tattoo of his own skeleton across his entire body.

Recently, the Mixery Campaign benefited from NADINE’s vivid style and her distinct love for colors. The latest campaign is characterized by its authentic and genuine atmosphere. After scouting numerous locations in search of a suitable site, Prince Charles - one of Berlin’s hottest night clubs - proved to be the only right choice. NADINE portrayed the 15 models in a very sophisticated and natural way, without raising the impression of an artificially staged performance. The result is an enthusiastic tribute to a fizzy-fresh product and the kind of lifestyle it represents.