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Nadine Elfenbein and Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie

Ever since Rick Genest aka Rico the Zombie graced Lady Gaga’s music video for “Born This Way”, he has been an idol of international runway and advertising campaigns. During the photoshoot, an intense video portrait directed by NADINE ELFENBEIN came into being, revealing why Rick Genest wears a tattoo of his own skeleton across his entire body.

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Production: A&O, Artists and Organisation / Camera and Editing Jens Schwengel / Interview Jan Joswig / Special Effect Make Up Twilight Creations Tamar Aviv, Anke Schiff / Styling Lind Ehrl / Art Direction and Photography Nadine Elfenbein / Assistent Photography Daniel Wilkniss / Rico Zombie Boy A.K.A. Rick Genest at Izaio Models / Music Walera Goodman