Christoph’s works distinguish themselves by a contrasty visual language focussing both on detail and living spaces without giving the observer a feeling of compulsion and narrowness. You almost want to talk about freedom.

His portraits show a clear and concrete photographic handwriting, which is controlled paired with his focused light and an unbelievable portion of “knowhow” to condense itself into one point.

What else Christoph has to offer in the menu with his youthful 23 years can be seen in his sports photography, which translates occasion, power and dynamics in a carefully chosen and yet wonderfully authentic manner.

“I don’t like anything artificial and postproduction reduces itself to trivialities. If my customers want that, I have great people who can do that. Important to me are colours and contrasts,….” explains the photographer who has recently moved back to Berlin. After his classic training to become a photographer, Christoph Spranger assisted and quickly became a coveted professional for light and camera questions. He regularly gives workshops for renowned companies like Elinchrome, Phase One and Profoto, or he tests new equipment for his current sponsors. For Christoph that means state-of-the-art technology, a wonderful toy to continue to deepen his visual language and quench his thirst for knowledge.


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