Let us put it down in Perry´s words: "I've been shooting movie posters for years now and even I have to admit it's requires a special set of skills that you can't learn at photography school. The main 'talent' needed for this kind of work is the ability to maintain a zen-like focus while you sit around for 9 hours waiting for a movie star who'll eventually give you 6 or 7 minutes to shoot 20 poster variations." 

Dracula obviously involved a lot of CGI, head swaps and random body parts from a range of sources, but the other posters I've shot over the last few months are a little more photographically conventional, so look out for my zen-like influence on Woman in Black II, Mr Holmes with Sir Ian McKellen and Criminal with Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones, they're not out for a while so you didn't hear it from me.