Sorry it took us a while to collect all material together but now we are very happy to present ENDORPHINE.

While being commissioned for KrassFit Challenge in Berlin earlier this year, Christoph Spranger came up with his new project ENDORPHINE.

The simple and at the same time strong idea of shooting a series of close up portraits of the participant while this literally muscle straining and adrenalin pushing event is still happening appealed our client and we got the permit to go ahead.

After day one of the event and after our commissioned had been done we did put up a small photographic set and asked the protagonists to stop the run for a short second so we could have them photographed. Thanks to all the wonderful people! You ARE really KrassFit!

Please have a minute and see the faces of thrilled, sustained and happy born fighters.

if you want to see more just click here and you will be linked to the portfolio of more than 30 images.